Ramadan Diaries – 1 Ramadan 1435/10th July 2013

Welcome to my Ramadan Diary!
I want to share my experience of Ramadan this year, everything from spirituality to Iftar feasts.
This year Ramadan kind of crept up on me and came without the usual weeks of build up and anticipation…perhaps because I have three children now and little sense of time. It’s a shame as there is much reward in Ibadah (worship) in Shabaan, the month before the month of Ramadan.
This year provides a fresh challenge for Muslims in Britain. The longer days combined with much warmer weather will be a real test of endurance. I know last year was similar but I didn’t fast as I’d just had a baby so this is going to be a tough task! Slight anti-climax in my first post as I have the flu and was unable to fast! I feel a bit lonely as I know everybody else is fasting and that first fast euphoria, I can’t empathize with, but Inshallah (God-willing) I will start fasting very soon!
In the meantime I would like to reflect on this wonderful month that we are lucky enough to live through once again. All those things we do that are meaningless like watching Eastenders, looking at pictures on Facebook, messing about on the internet, gossiping on the phone-just pause and think. I do all these things and I’m talking to myself more than anybody else. If this was my last Ramadan, would I still do all these things in this blessed month?

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