Ramadan Day 2

Why is it so hard to make time to read the Quran?
In Ramadan however it doesn’t seem as difficult, which I put down to priorities. While my baby had her morning nap, I took the opportunity to open my Quran and learn and reap the blessings of reading this wonderful book. As she has just turned one, it’s almost impossible to do anything for longer than one minute without her demanding my attention. I took the time out of my usual busy day and as a result I still have three lots of laundry to iron and put away. See the thing is whether you have five children or three or none, there is never enough time in the day to read Quran or do Dhikr-unless we put it on the top of our to-do list, with high priority.  Allah will not ask me if I kept up with the laundry, but he will question me on how much ibadat I did. So my thought for today is this: It’s wonderful that we are able to put Allah and our faith in the forefront of our day in Ramadan but how do we implement that after Ramadan? That’s the real test.
I am reading the Tafseer (extensive commentary) on Surah 24 An Nur. The beginning of this surah (chapter) is about slander, and it is amazing to learn how horrific a sin, slander is regarded in Allah’s eyes. In our daily lives we often talk about other people and exchange information (ok ok gossip) without knowing many of the facts at all. If only we understood the severity of slander. More on Surah An-Nur later!

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