Ramadan Day 4 – The hottest day of the year!

Finally I felt well enough to fast – hooray!
Well needless to say the first fast is never easy – not for me anyway. If I had a choice between a burger and cold glass of water, I’d choose the water. It’s definitely advisable to stay out of the heat, the hotter it is the thirstier you feel. As it is a Saturday and I have thankfully nowhere to go, I’m in the comfort of my home so it’s really not that bad. Somebody put something on facebook that made me think..is our hunger and thirst affected by our positive/negative attitude towards the fast? I think your general happiness and mood will affect how fasting can impact you. I know this much, pious people generally don’t complain at all regardless of what their stomach may be going through. I was feeling a little miserable earlier but I have perked up straight away as my son informed me he has his first wobbly tooth. A very small thing but for a mother this is rather exciting and cheered me up no end.
For those of you who are not Muslim I just want to give you a small insight into what happens during Ramadan. Because of the Islamic calendar being a lunar calendar, the months change every year and that’s why we are fasting in the midst of summer which is really a new experience for most people my age as the it takes about 30 something years for the lunar calendar to get back to the same time again. Subsequently the fast begins about 3am and ends at 9.15pm. More about this next time!
Today for Iftar (evening meal after breaking the fast with dates and water) I am making lamb chops with mashed potato, corn on the cob and salad. For dessert a perfect summers pudding Eton Mess. Cannot wait!

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