Ramadan Day 5

Just a quick one as Iftar time is approaching very soon.
Today I have been yawning all day! Hunger and thirst is actually not affecting me at all, but just the fatigue. The real test begins tomorrow when it’s back to the daily grind and the kids are back to school and all the chores related to that recommence. 
I finished reading the tafseer of Surah An-Nur, and I was fascinated by the intricacy of some of the verses. In this Surah, God tells us how we are entitled to privacy within our own homes from the rest of our families including our spouse. Three times are prescribed to where children and other family members should knock before entering. These are before the Fajr (pre-dawn prayer), at midday (when people traditionally nap in the day) and at night time before going to sleep, as these times are when we are likely to be at our most immodest. From what I understand this also applies to post-pubescent children who are also entitled to this privacy. Subhanallah!

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