Ramadan Day 6

Today I came to the conclusion that thirst is harder to bear than hunger.
Over a longer period I don’t know if that would hold true, but for fasting in July it’s definitely the case! Even until 9pm food was not appealing to me, but the thought of a really cold drink was. This is such a new experience for me as usually my stomach rumbles throughout the day in Ramadan. I’m sure this rings true for most people fasting. 
Another tricky aspect of Ramadan this year is sleep management. I find I’m not getting enough sleep what with Isha (night prayer) being so late and then also needing to stay awake for a while after opening the fast so late in the day. It doesn’t help when the baby decides to play up in that precious time between bedtime and Fajr!

If any of you switch on the TV at sehri time, please watch Islam Channel who are running various charity appeals at this time of night. One of the presenters is really engaging and makes lovely duas. He actually makes you want to donate money – what a great skill!

2 thoughts on “Ramadan Day 6

  1. I came to the same conclusion re thirst.

    After a while, hunger becomes a dull, ignorable throb. But thirst…! It gets more and more urgent.

    I like your background, by the way, very artzy


  2. Yes good description…especially when the throat and tongue become so dry. Try RoohAfza, seriously it is so good, gives you water, sugar and coolness all in one go!


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