Ramadan Day 11

I hope I have the right day, I’ve kind of lost track of the days!
They are so long, that there’s little recovery time or time to rest. But I am loving it all the same, because it really is all about willpower and our relationship with Allah (swt). Fasting is a personal thing as only you know if you’re doing something that will break it. Most other forms of worship are more physical or visual, and no one is with you every second of the day. So in this sense it is all for Allah (swt), and for your devotion to your faith.
I was chatting to a non-Muslim friend and I was telling her about Ramadan, and she was surprised to learn that fasting is not just abstinence from eating and drinking. So I thought that is worth mentioning here, that fasting also includes abstinence from sex. The harder things to refrain from however which some Muslims tend to forget about, myself included is that we should not backbite, lie, slander, gossip or generally be bad tempered. Fasting is not just purification for the body but also the soul. These things can be harder to avoid than food!

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