The Beauty of Ramadan

Here we are, almost at the end of Ramadan. A holy and spiritual month for Muslims all over the world. The one time in the year where you know Muslims everywhere, regardless of their race, culture or creed will be fasting.
Fasting is not just about abstaining from food or drink between sunrise and sunset, but is about adopting a flawless character enriched with kindness, compassion and charity for fellow human beings, all because of our devotion to God.
There are many things Muslims are required to do, but fasting is one of the obligations which is personal, between God and oneself. Only God will know if you really have abstained from eating, drinking, sex, backbiting, swearing and lying. Yes fasting is not just about food and drink. It encompasses behaviour, language and attitude. And certainly it’s not easy, because when you are hungry we can quickly become agitated and lose our temper. So yes Ramadan is truly a test for all Muslims. How much can we do for God, and how much reward can we receive from our actions?
The unity that is shared amongst most Muslims during Ramadan is something that we could do with all year round. Conflict between different types of Muslims is so trivial in Ramadan, as everybody should know, Muslims – Sunni and Shia are all striving for the same thing, to please God and to gain his mercy.

If only it was Ramadan every day.