Do You Want To Be Interrogated By The Thought Police?

This June will mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta — yes that bill of rights that gave every man the right to a fair trial. Now in 2015, the Government is trying to sneak through the CTS Bill which is an infringement of the Magna Carta.
There are many organisations that are thankfully making noise and trying to spread information about the CTS Bill so that the public are aware of it. Reading the letter addressed to the Government will help understand how ridiculous it is, you can read and sign the petition against the CTS Bill here. It’s extremely important everyone does this, because it seems like everyone has the right to a free trial, unless you’re Muslim in which case, evidence by association is enough to detain you. I discussed this in my last post as well, but this CTS Bill is moving us closer and closer to being governed by the thought police.
The CTS Bill will give the rights to doctors, teachers, nursery staff and other non-legal professionals to be able to detect ‘radical’ behaviour and report it according to their definition of ‘extreme’. People who don’t know Muslims and only know what they see on the news, will be able to judge what extreme views are. It’s really worth checking out the Stop The Bill website and have good look through the articles and evidence against the bill. Another good article written by Dilly Hussain also highlights the problem with the CTS Bill.
Speaking of moving closer to a police state, I read an article this week, which describes how authorities in the US are monitoring Muslims — one way is by seeing who opts for a ‘Muslim’ meal on an airline. Perhaps the way to get round this is to order a Kosher meal (which is permissible to eat) or a vegetarian meal — what nonsense! And this pretty much sums up the fear I and many other Muslims have, being interrogated, arrested or criminalised for being a Muslim who practices their faith, which is what all this legislation is leading to.
Moving on to more discerning news related to Muslims, a halal abattoir is being investigated after Animal Aid planted secret cameras there. Bowood Lamb abattoir in Thirsk, North Yorkshire has dismissed one of their workers and revoked three mens’ licences after they were caught kicking sheep and treating them in an appalling manner. If you want to see videos of this click here. This is completely against Islamic principles as halal meat also covers the welfare of animals and treating them kindly. Disgusting behaviour by these men and of course they should be prosecuted accordingly. This meat actually will not be halal because of the inhumane treatment of the animals, and it’s quite sickening to know that we are eating this meat. I am 100% sure that this kind of behaviour towards animals takes place in regular abattoirs too, and the meat being ‘halal’ has little to do with it. It’s despicable that irresponsible and ignorant Muslims can behave this way and give everyone yet another excuse to have a go at Islamic practices.The Food Standard Agency are investigating a number of abattoirs now, not just halal but regular ones too.

This week will also see the much loved and much hated (if you’re a friend of Israel) George Galloway appear on BBC Question Time (Thursday 10.45pm).This week QT will take place in Finchley, North London which has the biggest Jewish community in the UK. Obviously it was a move cleverly crafted by the BBC to attract controversy in the media especially in the Twittersphere. It will be explosive, and an entertaining hour of telly no doubt.