Ramadan Day 8

I watched this really great YouTube video today about an Australian chap’s journey towards becoming a Muslim.
It’s really quite amusing and amazing at the same time. Watch for yourself and see.
Today has been an exhausting day. My son decided to have the mother of all nose bleeds just 2 minutes before Iftar time, and it lasted about 10 minutes. I forgot I was supposed to open my fast and then remembered after he’d stopped bleeding, then drank some lukewarm water from my bedside table. All day I was looking forward to my ice cold Rooh Afza, talk about anti-climax!

One of the things I love about Ramadan is the urgency that Muslims have to pray their five daily prayers. The five prayers are supposed to read all year round not just in Ramadan but we make a bigger deal of it in Ramadan! Let’s hope this urgency to pray, and to pray on time remains with us all year round. Ameen.