Are all working mums superwomen?

There was a survey done recently which said 70% of office working mums feel guilty about the fact that they leave their children in the care of somebody else. Is this a natural emotion? If it is natural then surely going out to work whilst having children under two is not really that natural. Can I even say that out loud without the feminist lobby ganging up on me and accusing me of setting back the feminist movement?
The society we live in, in Britain 2010, it is actually considered rare or unusual when a woman chooses to be a stay at home mum otherwise known as a ‘SAHM’. It’s now considered the norm to have a job and raise a young family at the same time. Even if you can afford to stay at home and survive on one income it is still expected that a women will go out and work anyway, perhaps part-time. How did it become this way? Sure financial pressures and risk of unemployment play the biggest part in this- majority of women with a child under two will work so that all the bills can be paid and to enjoy the level of financial stability they had before having children. But some women also work because they like working and would go stir crazy being at home twenty-four hours a day, which is perfectly reasonable in it’s own right. Being a mother of two young children that’s something I can understand. Women are under a lot of social pressure to be able to juggle their career and children. How these women do it, fascinates me. They are superwomen in my eyes but as it is so commonplace now, can all these women be superwomen?
Society has laid out a persona, a model of what a modern day women should be like-and this is how it goes. She should have a good job, raise children, be a good wife and ofcourse look immaculate whilst doing it all. The pressure that women are under is slightly absurd. I myself have in the past felt slightly embarrassed when a working mum asks me, what do you do? I say ‘I’m not working right now as I’ve got two small children’. Why do I have to say that? Why can I not just say ‘I’m a full time mom, full-stop’ Without giving a justification about how my daughter is a handful and I possibly couldn’t cope with a job and that I don’t have adequate childcare and when they’re at school I will get a job. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not rich, but am fortunate enough to stay at home for now. And the truth of the matter is, I do plan to work but just not yet, and definitely not full time. I just feel slightly disturbed from the expectations that are put on the 21st century mothers these days. When did staying at home and devoting all your time to you children, become a less favourable option?